Performance of ACTION PAINTING  




 Action Ottavia 2018 1 copia

action musica

Cinzia realizes Performance d 'Improvisation Pictorial in collaboration with Companies, Agencies, municipalities, museums, galleries, cultural associations, festival, foundations and private, for the staging of shows of Action Painting unique and above unrepeatable, where gestural improvisation, because the composition is musical, dance, actor, artistson stage, leaving the end of the concert, space enhancement and personal interpretation of the entire OPERA, conceived as act unique.

Shares (action painting with dance, theater, music), many of them are born totally from the experience of 'Improvisation artists and find its structure and process capturing and interpreting the energy of the moment, creating the scene exchanges between synaesthetic Arts running, voice and body movement, sound and pictorial gesture, each necessarily placed in front on the stage with the painter running unknown until his unexpected end, the great work of painting on canvas. Pending a verification between the parties, which tends to its conclusion at a set time, is being built musically and / or dance and / or theater, in a pictorial support history, was born and lived exclusively in the synergy between the parties. The basic modus and the characteristic that distinguishes each spectacular event of the Dance Company in Action Painting, synesthesia is among the most common artistic expression improvised, such as music (jazz classic acoustic electronics) Voice, Theatre, Dance (theatre- contact classic modern dance). The Company works with artists and musicians of various genres and languages, performing a repertoire of wide-ranging, from Palestrina, Rossini, Mozart, Messiaen, Debussy, Cage, Grumb, Berio, Takemitsu, ect. and/or voice and sound structures built in Instant same performance on stage.

Institutional and private collaborations in the field of Design and Advertising Communication, the Company supports Agencies and Companies (Eni, Enel, Banks, HCareggi, Nttdata, ect) for themed events, creating large works on canvas, for commercials, scenic installations, the paintings are in movie sets and video commercials for advertising communication, business in Archives ministerial private university museum.